You're only given one spark.

How far can you make it go?

David Michaels
26 December 1989
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I was born in 1989 in California, and moved to Michigan at the age of 6 when my mom got a job offer at the U of M. I was a shy child in elementary school, and tended to be the outcast-ish kid. didn't really have too many friends then. Middle school came around, and began a process through which i came to be spazz, aka, me as i am now. i tend to move, whether it be twitching a leg while sitting, or running around climbing trees and random things about. I am junior in high school, and busier that i once thought imaginable. Robotics, Boy Scouts, and Band. all going crazy. Suffice to say, my life is rather chaotic, but I like it that way. Being idle isn't too good for me, tends to lead to overthinking of things, and then... yeah, just know that i've had a couple of bad-ish times associated with being idle for too long.
Yep. thats me in a nutshell, albeit a rather large nutshell that only exists in a digital realm as this text is all stored on a server some many miles from wherever you are reading it. Weird, huh?


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