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You're only given one spark.

How far can you make it go?

David Michaels

rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy



May 12th, 2009

And I remember

rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy

I've had this thing for over four years. I haven't posted in almost one year.
Strange to suddenly get the urge to post again.

Ah well, it is finals week, and thus procrastination must ensue. Who knows, maybe I'll make a habit of it?

July 8th, 2008

362 days

rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy
On Friday while I was feeding Jen's pet I decided to check my email by using an ethernet cord and their modem, as our power was still out. When I finished I shut down my computer

Later that day our power came back on, and when I started booting my laptop up again, it booted partway and then stopped. I just hung there, doing seemingly nothing.

I tried everything, another hard drive, a linux live cd, a live cd on a hard drive, different recovery modes, windows, the whole lot of it.
Every single one of them froze somewhere while booting.
Ever. Single. One.
When the same things worked with other computers.
It's a little sad, but it seems that 362 days after my previous computer's motherboard fried, I fried something on the motherboard of my new one.
I'm an abusive owner

They were nearly identical models, but this one was slightly faster (it was still about four years old, so oh well).

I think that -once again- the hard drive is fine, but it's still more than a little annoying that it just upped and died right now. I say right now because I am planning on getting a new computer sometime this summer, I just don't know quite when yet, as I am suspicious that the company is coming out with a new model imminently sometime in the next month or so.
It's a pity, but oh well, I can survive off of the unused (albeit, rather old) desktop at our house until I do get a new one.

It's just hilarious that I killed this one 362 days after the last one died. I'm pretty exact with frying motherboards it seems.

June 26th, 2008

In memoriam

rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy
Today I observe the end of something.
The end of three-and-a-half years of looks in the hallway and words uttered. Three-and-a-half years of compliments paid and laughter garnered. Three-and-a-half years of keeping things dry. Three-and-a-half years of carrying and lugging.
The end of my duct tape backpack.
On a whim one day I tried out my sister's backpack, and discovered that I really liked the features that it had, a waist strap, on-the-fly adjustability, many pockets, getting fatter backwards instead of sideways, and feeling comfy.
Of course, it got my brain going.

How could I pull something like that off with a duct tape design.

And it is on that note that version 3.0 started to create itself in my mind.
Previously I had been on 2.5 after the back and straps were revamped, but this is more than a step, this is a leap forwards in what I can do.

I have the tape.
I have the time.
I have the skill.

Next step, duct tape backpack version 3.0.

May 15th, 2008

I just did... (counts)
Amanda, Vuk, Nadia, Nick, Jessa, and Matan's PTIPs.
Yeah. Submitted six PTIPs today. Amanda's just needed to be finished, and then I just got a groove. I mean, WOW.

This is sort of... Unprecedented insanity. I don't know how I'm even conscious at this point.
PTIPs are probably the most emotionally draining assignments on the face of the earth. It's condensing somebody's council into giving them advice. Distilling facts into an intangible thing that we call a person.

Now, usually I can do one, maybe two a day. I've done three once before, but that left me fried.
and I just did SIX of the bastards.
And did a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself.

I honestly don't know what to think of that. It's... madness, simply madness.

Maybe something is acting up in my subconscious?
Maybe I've finally cracked and gone totally batshit insane? (more so than I already was at least?)

I honestly really should go to bed
I suspect that when head hits pillow, head will feel sudden lack of consciousness.

Actually, I are Spazzed right now. It are good thing. Grammar damned be.

April 30th, 2008


rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy
Oh my god. We played Carnegie Hall.


I was so happy we got to do that. On stage during Mass (part of La Fiesta Mexicana) it hit me that we were playing Carnegie Hall, and I seriously was shaking. It was incredible. Simply incredible.

Yeah, New York was sweet, we got to see a lot, and do a lot (New York Philharmonic, Wicked, Behind the Emerald Curtain, The MET (OH MY GOD SO MUCH ART SO LITTLE TIME), etc.

It was amazing. I'll be facebooking pictures eventually. Emphasis on eventually as I need to put up the Humanities trip photos first, and I'm on album number fifteen for those. The worst part is that album fifteen isn't even the halfway point. Yeah, I'm crazy.

Anyways, I need to stop writing here and go to bed. Seriously, my brain is shot. I have Too Much Stuff to do.
I just need to survive tomorrow though. Nevermind how well I survive it, I just need to survive it.

April 16th, 2008


rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy
So I'm back from Europe (which was completely and utterly mind-blowingly AWESOME) and have gotten sick.

It's a hacking cough. Pretty painful, but hopefully a day of sleeping and catching up will do it good.

In other news, I'm going to the University of Wisconsin Madison.
I sent the deposit check yesterday, so I'm completely done with choosing a college to go to.

Strangely enough though, I also already know where my room is.
When I filled out the housing preferences I chose a living learning community as my top choice, and then yesterday they emailed me.
The email said that since I had selected that community as my first choice, I had the option of choosing a dorm room now rather than having a lottery later.
I went with it and was offered a floor plan and list of rooms. This lead to subsequent finding of a campus map, and then subsequent use of Google Earth to find the building.

It's a pretty nice location on the whole. I mean, all of the dorms are, but this one is right near the building where the marching band keeps their stuff, and also relatively close to engineering.
On the whole, pretty nice.

Now we just wait for more stuff to fill out and such.

Blar, and I'm off now to play catch up on work. Sleep is nice.

March 18th, 2008


rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy
Today was a Seriously Intense day.
It was the first day in a while that I biked to school.
I had tests in both BC Calculus, and AP Physics, that's third and fourth hour for those who don't know my schedule.
It was raining out as I biked to school.

Of course my council would be today in Philosophy

Last weekend I got in to UW Madison, as evidenced by the "Whoo!" post. It made me very happy. Christy's council was Thursday (day before her birthday) and she said that it made sense that people's councils happened after major events in their lives.
Today I was thinking that this would be the first male council after I had gotten into UW Madison, and that it would make too much sense for mine to be today.
It also made a lot of sense that mine would be today because of the two tests back to back.
So when JR took out the packet of the pieces that we all wrote to read at the beginning of our councils, I had a feeling. I had all morning, just because it would make me say "figures".

He proclaimed that he would take out the first male name that he found. I watched as he stopped shuffling, and started looking around the class, asking people who he thought it was going to be.

I was suspicious, because people always think it's going to be their day, but a second before he called me, I knew. He looked me way and said that it was my day. I laughed, walked up, sat down, started recording, got up, wrote my name on the board, and sat down.
Now I had to pick someone to introduce me. None of my close friends are in the class, but I know some people in it.
I looked about, thinking, and settled on Noah Mosberg.
It was a fitting introduction, and from there it was shiny.

Oh, and my sister says that JR was raving about how cool my council was during lunch. No specifics of course, just that it was really good.


Edit: Holy bees, even now it has stayed intense.
Over the weekend I looked up a couple of Tuba playing engineers in the Wisconsin marching band and emailed them asking about it.

Today I talked to both of them, and wow, I learned a lot. Seriously man, intense.

I am incredibly drained right now, in the best way possible, I am able to stay awake right now and feel good, but man, I can tell that once my face hits a pillow, I will be gone. Gone like beer at a frat party, gone like fresh baked cookies with friends, gone like the first bowl of popcorn you make before watching a movie.
That sort of gone. I'm functional, but only because it's a habit.
Now, goodnight, that pillow looks about as appetizing as those foods I just described (sans the beer of course).

March 15th, 2008


rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy
This is a celebratory "Whoo" post.


That is all.

Edit: <i> What a glorious feeling I'm happy again...<i>

I haven't felt this good in a long time. It's been a while, but I think I'm back.

January 2nd, 2008

Of trains and snow

rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy
We threw snowballs at the train last night.
It was totally sweet.

I kept my gloves off to press the shutter button. When I saw the train coming, I waited as it lit up the trees with the spotlight at its head and then curved down the tracks towards us.
Once it hit the straightaway I tensed up., waited just a couple of seconds, trying to mentally gauge when I should press it for the picture that I wanted, with that, I pressed the button and started scrambling to get my gloves on.

Laura had made me a couple of snowballs. I got the gloves on (after putting one on backwards) after the train began to pass us.
As it came upon us, snow whipped up around us. I stooped to pick up the snowballs and stood to find myself looking straight at it.
This mass of steel and light whooshing by. Snow whirling about it.
I was awed.
Smiling, I threw first one snowball, then the other to see them swallowed whole by the snow whirling about the train.
I watched the rest of it go by.

It wasn't the best picture that I've taken, but it was definitely one of the coolest times just watching the train.

It was a great way to bring in the new year.

December 29th, 2007

Hey guess what!?

rocky flaming typewriter lackadaisy
I have a random thing that causes me to have asthma like symptoms after I bike to school!

you know the best part?

It's not asthma!

You see, when I bike to school I feel absolutely fine.
Until I stop.
Then suddenly things get weird. I feel it almost come on when I stop at stadium and seventh, but when I stop to lock up my bike it gets crazy.
It suddenly feels like I can't take a breath right, that whether it is full and slow or fast or whatever, it's never right. My chest feels tight and it feels like I'm about to faint. The air in my lungs feels stale no matter what I do.
But I never do faint, I just feel really weird and tight and strange to breathe for minute or so (usually less) and then I'm back to normal.

Sounds like asthma, right?
I thought so too after my tuba teacher mentioned it to me at a lesson recently.

Tonight I was talking with Katrina, and I mentioned this, she described something that happened to her sometimes after running.
It was exactly what happens to me, and it's in fact some weird thing that has symptoms very much like those of exercise induced asthma, but in fact is different, because asthma has to do with not being able to inhale correctly, as this is essentially not being able to exhale correctly.

This other thing also allegedly happens a lot in teenagers and people generally around my age-ish.
Don't worry, this isn't a new development either, and it isn't fatal in any way.
It's just random.

Ergo, I don't have asthma but i have this other random thing!
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